Care Partners Founders ,Post Acute Medicine And More On Podcast

Using a recent appearance on the Optimized Advisor Podcast, Care Partners founders Rodney Burris and Randy Platt emphasized the importance of their senior care services during the uncertainty of COVID-19.

Both Platt, who is the Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Care Partners, and Burris, who is the Co-Founder, President, and COO, spoke at length with Optimized Advisor Podcast host Scott Heinila about the history of their company, the unique challenges being posed to their field in the present, and plans the two veterans of senior healthcare services have for the future of their business.

Adhering to a personally shared philosophy, one which “focuses on compassion and love”, in addition to being “built on a foundation of skilled associates with true expertise delivering exceptional care”, Platt and Burris used the conversation to discuss the deeper meaning of that shared philosophy. Among other topics, the Care Partners founders noted that they have been extremely successful in personalizing their range of services to meet the needs of clients. Such services can be explored under banners like Transitional Medicine, Home Care, and Senior Placement on their websites at and . The company also offers a wide range of consulting services towards helping caretakers and seniors alike make plans for their present and even future healthcare/lifestyle challenges.

Burris and Platt considered at length the value of a matching process for patients and caretakers which ensures the strengths of the caretaker will providing essential assistance to the patient on every needed level. Even in an atmosphere such as COVID, Platt and Burris stressed the ever evolving need to ensure the rights and comforts of dementia patients are being met.

While their services are designed to address many different degrees and types of companion and healthcare needs, including Transitional Medicine services which utilizes a physician-led multi-disciplinary service for patients, the men behind Care Partners noted that there is a unique and notable demand for care services for those experiencing Alzheimer’s, dementia, or anything else along such lines.

Meeting emotional needs is considered by both Burris and Platt to be just as important as meeting their physical needs.  Optimized Advisor Podcast host Scott Heinila expertly steered these very complex questions across his many straightforward questions. This approach gives the audience a rare look into how a company such as Care Partners provides solace and stability to those who need it the most. That is true of any given point and time, but the episode naturally had to acknowledge that current circumstances which are making things complex on a truly thought-provoking level.

While the conversation between the three men, all keenly aware of what’s out there for insurance and financial professionals, runs just over an hour, it was clear by the end of the segment that there was still a great deal of ground left to cover. Nevertheless, and in also in terms of putting themselves forward as the collective public face of their company, Burris and Platt were able to go into many of their personal experiences in working with hospitals, insurance companies, and similar entities. They also each shared their own account of how they came to meet in the first place.

With a distinctive measure of confidence in their current efforts and future goals, it was apparent by the end of the interview that Care Partners is as serious about senior care as the very issues they help patients to face each and every day.