Our Team

Executive Team

Randy Platt

Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO

Rodney Burris

Co-Founder, President

Jordan Hellman

Chief Operating Officer, Medicine

Monique Arredondo

Executive Director

Mark Platt

Director, Strategy and Performance

Binita Patel

Chief Nursing Officer

Business Development Team

Autumn E.

Senior Account Executive

Patrick N.

Account Executive

Ben H.

Account Executive

Gina K.

Life Care Manager

Marissa A.

Program Manager, Disability Services

Ashley B.

Business Development Manager, Recruiting

Administrative Team

Karen S.

Business Office Manager

Jordyn W.

Business Office Supervisor

Brooke B.

Billing Coordinator

Nicholas T.

Payroll Coordinator

Alex Z.

Administrative Assistant

Vincent D.

Organizational Development Specialist

Brittney P.

Client Care Assistant

Sophia R.

Client Care Assistant

Recruiting Team

Dianna R.

Recruiting Manager

Alejandra M.

Lead Recruiter

Alicia P.


Kate K.

Onboarding Specialist, Contracts

Simon T.

Recruiting Assistant

Kayla D.

Onboarding Assistant

Judith L.

Recruiting Assistant

Client Care Coordinating Team

Kristin A.

Client Care Manager

Arthur R.

Client Care Coordinator

Richard N.

Client Care Coordinator

Val L.

Client Care Coordinator

Vanessa L.

Client Care Coordinator

Angelica G.

Client Care Coordinator

Emily B.

Client Care Coordinator

Carla V.

On-Call Coordinator

Contract Specialists

Raquel J.

Business Contract Specialist

Christina V.

Intake Specialist

Steve K.

Intake Specialist

Nicole S.

Intake Specialist

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