Care Partners Coronavirus Response

Dear Care Client and Family Members:

We appreciate our ongoing opportunity to serve you. We know that everyone today is coping with the challenges of the current environment and the stress can often feel overwhelming. Our CarePartners Team remains committed to safely providing the support you need. Our caregivers continue to be updated and instructed on proper precautions while serving you. Additionally, we reinforce the stay at home order for caregivers when they are not with you on shift.

Please continue to practice social distancing and proper hygiene during this time. The more we work together to flatten the curve, the sooner we can ensure the continued safety of our loved ones.

We also want to reinforce that the guidelines for prevention start with proper and frequent handwashing. While this may seem simplistic at this time of heightened concern, it remains the Center for Disease Control’s number one means for success. Personal Protective Equipment, such as gloves, is only beneficial if you or a caregiver are having direct contact with someone who is sick or where wounds and personal areas need care and attention. Otherwise, gloves or other personal protective equipment is not advised. If there is a sick family member in your home, it is strongly recommended that they were a mask to prevent germs from spreading.

Our Care Partners Team is here for you and your family. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions, 949-226-9136.

With Gratitude,

The Care Partners Team